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QuarkXPress is one of the most famous software in the owrld of design and layout. It’s a lot of newspapers and advertising enterprises that trust in QuarkExpress for developing their products, and only that it is a sign of reliability.

While it is a program designed for professional use, we have to say that if you are a novice and want to begin using this kind of program it will not be really difficult. You only need to know what you are going to use and why, you know, if you want, you can.

Of course a professional will do better things than you, but you can try it, it is not difficult to use and you will learn to use it in a few days.

It’s well organised in its intuitive interface and you will not need any othre tool to design your own publication. Text processors, image editors,... all that is included in this wonderful tool.

It inserts a watermark in output and you will be able to create up to 5 page projects.

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